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4 Reasons Why do Men Watch more TV than Women

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Television has become widely available around the world since the 1960s, maybe even earlier than that. It was a marvel back then and it is amazing today, considering the technological advancements we have seen. At first, TVs did not even have color displays, but today, we have a lot more on these thin devices. Not only are they three times larger, thinner, but they also boast dozens of different features. We see TVs that are larger than 75 inches equipped with 4k resolution and high-dynamic-range imaging. It is crazy to think just how far we have come.

However, even though so many things have changed since the 60s, one thing is for certain. Men watch more TV than women, but why? Does it have to do with the interest males have in the content or maybe just women do not feel like sitting around all day? If you want to know more about the topic, here are some of the reasons why they do watch more TV.

Our understanding of entertainment is different

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One of the biggest reasons why males have the need to watch TV more than females is because they just find it more interesting. I, as a male, can say that I find watching movies or TV series very amusing. If I did not have any work for the day, I would probably spend the entire day in front of the TV. There is no exact proof that this is the reason, but it does seem like it is true.

To check the validity of this, we called TV-aerials, a TV-installation company from Cardiff. After a brief talk they confirmed that most of the people who come looking for their services are men. They mostly spend time in front of a TV watching sports and live games, and that is something most women find unappealing.

Most of the women in my life prefer to sit on their phones and scroll through content on social media websites or on YouTube. For example, even when there is a movie playing right in front of them, they would rather stay on their phones. It certainly seems like they do not find the content on television as interesting as we do.
Of course, there are probably women out there that watch more movies than the average male, but statistically, it seems like males do prefer TV over other entertainment.

It may be because of our history

In the past, in the United States, it was standard for the husband to go to work and the wife was to be at home to care for the house and the children. During these times of our past, the roles for the genders were designated by society. While women did have the option to work or to stay at home, it wasn’t seen as something normal at the time.
So, how is all this connected to television? Well, after a hard day’s work, the husband would come home and would rest all day watching television while the wife would still have some chores at home to finish up and then would join her husband. This is what happened in most American homes in the 50s and 60s. To put it simply, men did watch a lot more TV because of how the country worked.

This may or may not have influenced the statistics that we see today. A higher percentage of men do sit more in front of the TV than women.

Considering that today the equality between the two genders is more balanced than ever before, it might also mean that our ways have changed and there are other factors why males prefer TV over other alternatives.

The content might favor men

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This is another factor that might have been heavily influenced by our past. During the 20th century, the rights compared between the two genders were believed to be equal, but they certainly weren’t. Of course, women’s rights were in a much better position than what there were in the 19th century, but they still weren’t as they are today.
During this time of inequality, males had to follow a certain standard for behavior and emotions. They couldn’t show any emotions of “weakness” such as crying, sadness, depression. This kind of standard was very unhealthy at the time. This kind of mindset led to the production of movies that promoted things that “only men want”. Most movies were filled with guns, cars, or war. Everyone thought that as a male, you had to like these things while women preferred romantic films or anything similar.

While this is far from the truth because anyone can enjoy any kind of content they want, this might have had a huge influence on the content that we see today. People are born and led to believe that they “have to” enjoy certain things.
Today, there are probably hundreds of action released every single month to cater to the taste of men. In reality, there are no restrictions, you can watch and do anything that you want. If you are looking for a way to get quality content on your TV that is great for both women and men, you should check out this website.

I should mention again that there is no concrete proof that this might be a significant factor, but it is possible.

The gap is not that big

While the fact that men do watch more TV than women is completely true, it does not mean that the gap between these two genders is that significant. In fact, most studies and observations show that the average TV viewing time between men and women is just half an hour or an hour. So, is it that important whether you spend three and a half hours in front of the TV or four? The difference between these two numbers is insignificant.

This could mean that there really isn’t an exact reason why one prefers TV more than the other. This proof we have might just be in the margin of error meaning that the gap we found between the two genders is not enough to come to a solid conclusion. So, whether you are a man or a woman, it doesn’t matter because TV is a great way to spend your past time and it provides everyone with great entertainment.

Keep in mind that the things we mentioned in this article might or might not be a legitimate reason why men watch more TV than women.