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10 Hobbies worth taking up during pregnancy

Pregnancy is very important stage in every women’s life.  Pregnancy is very special as well as struggling stage for women. Your mind will be occupied with so many things like diet , medical check-up, imaginations about baby and so on . And you may experience mood swings , lack of sleep , lack of energy , anger due to changes in your body. Unable to do your regular exercises and job may lead you to depression.

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You may feel exhausted by taking rest all day. But , nothing to worry! There are so many activities you can take up as a hobby with all your physical limitations during pregnancy. Safety is very important thing during pregnancy.  Hobbies which are safe and worth to take up during pregnancy are listed below.

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10 hobbies to take up during pregnancy 

  1. Reading : Books can be your best friends. Reading a god book/magazine/blog improves your knowledge and relieves your stress. Reading good things while pregnant is good for baby also. And , you can read stories loudly  for your baby in the womb! Researches shows that reading good stories for a baby in womb makes bond between mother and child stronger! It may give you beautiful experience which you can cherish throughout your life. You can enjoy reading your favourite books during pregnancy and keep your mind cool.
  2. Knitting/embroidery: Knitting or  trying new embroidery are best hobbies for pregnant women. These two  hobbies needs concentration and creativity , which makes you completely engaged with the work. Hence , you will forget your difficulties and gain happiness once you complete your knitting or embroidery. Also you can get a sewing machine for you and start learning it. You can knit something for your upcoming little one and make beautiful embroidery on that. It will give you lot of satisfaction and a life time memory for you. So , knitting and embroidering are best stress busters for pregnant women.
  3. Painting: Painting is a beautiful activity which gives lot of happiness. This gives great self satisfaction and relieves stress.      Painting needs only hand and finger movements hence easy for pregnant women. It  enhances the memory power , concentration and patience which are essential things to lead your role as a mother in near future! This is the best choice to spend time fruitfully during pregnancy.
  4. Singing/listening music: Music has the power to heel any illness! Listening good music is best choice for pregnant women. And if you can sing your favourite song for baby inside your womb .This makes you feel great and bond between mother and child becomes more  strong. You can enjoy doing this activity for your baby. Researches shows that listening soothing music helps in brain development of baby.
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  1. Photography : Taking a good photo is an art. During your busy schedule you may did not find time to spend on  photography. Hence it’s  best option to learn how to take good photos to kill your free time during pregnancy. This will help you to take amazing photos of your baby! In this era of Smartphone’s , everyone has chance to take good photos. You can explore how to take good quality photos and  can spend your time taking good photos. You can also make albums of these photos or publish in magazines. This can be a very good hobby for women during pregnancy.
  2. Gardening: Gardening is a great activity to do at your free time during pregnancy. You can plant some basic herbs for your kitchen or beautiful flowers in pot. These are easy gardening options where lot of hard work is not required. Gardening gives little amount of exercise to your body and makes you feel relaxed. And vegetable gardening not only gives enjoyment for you, but also useful for entire family. Vegetables/flowers/ fruits grown by your own hand gives you lot of satisfaction!
  3. Writing: Writing is one best way to express yourself. You can start writing dairy during pregnancy. It will helpful for next time also. And by writing dairy , you can relieve your stress. And you can also try to write stories, songs , articles etc. If you are good at writing these things ,  then you can write and publish in magazines or newspapers. Writing blog is also one best option. You can share your experiences and suggestions in blog , which will help to readers. Researches says that writing releases useful brain chemicals which fights with depression. Therefore writing is best hobby to overcome from depression during pregnancy.
  4. Cooking : Before pregnancy , you may found difficult to spend more time in kitchen trying variety of dishes due to your daily work routine. During pregnancy , you will get off from your daily work routine . So , you can take cooking as a hobby to come out from boredom!! There are lots of new recipes available in internet. You can try new healthy recipes and can learn to creatively present prepared dishes. Spending time in kitchen boosts your energy and keeps you calm.
  5. Jewellery making: Women love to wear variety’s of jewellery. So , learning jewellery making can be an interesting hobby for women during pregnancy. There are lot of tips available in internet to make handmade jewellery’s at home. And this activity  needs only hand movements, hence easy for pregnant women to do.  It improves creativeness and gives self satisfaction while wearing jewellery made by themselves!!
  6. Yoga:  Pregnant womencan learn yoga at free time. There are specific yogasanas  especially for pregnant women which helps to stay healthy. Routine practise of yoga and Dhyana helps to avoid depression and greatly benefits for easy delivery of baby. And yoga helps to relieve muscle aches, headaches and pain. For physical and mental balance of pregnant women , yoga is the best medicine.

These are the couple of  best hobbies suitable for  pregnant women. Pregnancy makes lot of changes in women body. Maintaining physical and mental stability during pregnancy is a tough task for every women. Hence, women should think of taking up any hobby as per their interest and circumstances during pregnancy.

What You Should Know Before Trying Juicing for Weight Loss

Urviving on takeout and hitting up too many joyful hours has unexpectedly caught up with you. Now, you’re prepared to earn change after realizing that you don’t feel great. Is a fast juice fast the best way to get back on track–and shed a couple pounds?

“There is something sweet concerning fasting,” she informs Men’s Health. “A specific population is attracted to it. I don’t recommend it, but I understand it,” she states.

Here’s what you want to understand about juicing for weight loss and if it is actually a good way to lose a few added pounds.

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What’s juicing?

Juicing involves squeezing veggies and fruits to eliminate the fiber, which is the pulpy stuff that is left in your juice machine, clarifies Caspeero. (Smoothies, on the flip side, mix up the whole fruit, which keeps the fiber). Most juicing diets last around one to three days, says Caspero, though infrequently people juice for up to 14 days.

Is good for fat loss?

Since weight loss comes down to eating fewer calories than you expend, and juicing seriously restricts calories, it may enable you to lose weight at a minimum in the brief run, states Caspereo. Whether juicing is a great idea for losing weight is another story.

A small 2017 research of 20 individuals who snore for three days discovered they shed about two pounds, normally, and saw an increase in gut bacteria associated with weight reduction. But weight loss isn’t necessarily fat reduction, clarifies Caspero: It is usually water loss. When you severely cut calories, then you burn throughout your glycogen (i.e. carbohydrate) stores, which carry water with them. “I would never consider consuming a fat-loss diet,” she explains.

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Juicing lovers also often claim that it helps you to detox. Yes, fruits and veggies are packed with antioxidants, which help clear out cell-damaging free radicals in the body. However, you can find those same benefits from eating whole crops, Caspero clarifies. Otherwise, there are not”toxins” which you need to flush out by eating certain foods.

“We have livers and kidneys within our bodies which help us cleanse without needing a more restrictive, nutritionally inadequate diet,” says Bonnie Taub-Dix, R.D., founder of and author of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

“You’d be better off putting on a treadmill compared to obtaining a juicer,” states Taub-Dix.

Is juicing healthful?

Although this diet can help you eat more produce it can also leave you hungry. Compared to a complete sit-down meal, juice contains fiber, protein, and fat. Chewing and digesting these nutrients takes some time and increases satiety hormones, in order to feel fuller for longer.

“It’s physically not as satisfying. You may want a bigger portion, so you end up getting more calories than you are expecting,” says Maples.

Though a few times of juicing is harmless for most people, say specialists, more juice fasts pose a number of risks and drawbacks:

You may be deprived of nutrients that are important
A well-rounded diet ensures you receive every one the macronutrients and micronutrients your body requires. Allowing yourself to juice means you are missing out on vital nutrients like vitamin B-12 and nourishment; over time which may result in nutrient deficiencies. “In the long term, you are not providing your body with the fuel it requires,” states Caspero.

Feeling deprived, can cause you to consume less nutrient-dense meals, like brownies, when you complete the cleansing –or you may return to your usual diet.

“Whenever you make a radical diet modification, you might overcompensate later. And you can achieve the weight back,” says Maples. “Rather than learning to better manage your eating options, juicing is merely a quick and temporary fix.”

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You will lose muscle mass

When you lose weight, you necessarily lose a bit of muscle mass. It’s possible to decrease muscle loss by consuming more protein and exercising. But juice doesn’t contain protein, and it is so low in calories that you probably won’t have the energy to work out.

Your metabolism slows

You’ll burn more calories during the day if you’ve got more muscle mass. So in the event that you lose lean muscle out of juicing, you are going to need fewer calories at rest. What is more, seriously reducing calories for long stretches of time puts your body into metabolism-slowing starvation mode.

“The body attempts to conserve energy, therefore we do not starve to death, as a survival method,” says Maples. Most men, she adds, need at least 1,500 calories each day and several juice diets are well under that.

Your gut microbiota may suffer

Since juicing removes fiber–a prebiotic that supports gut health–a longer-term juice fast could negatively change your gut microbiota. “You are not giving your gut what it needs to populate the good bacteria,” states Caspero.

The right way to juice

For some folks, juicing for two to three times maximum may help promote them to consume more fruits and vegetables overall.

“Occasionally fasting feels good if you have been ingesting heavy or feel blah and want a jump start,” says Caspero.

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Use mainly veggies and around 2 fruits per glass max, indicates Maples. Whether you add spices or vinegar is left up to you–although don’t rely on those ingredients to burn extra fat. “The only way to genuinely burn fat is by way of exertion,” Caspero states.

Beyond that, it’s a better idea to think about juice as an add-on to your diet instead of a meal replacement. Juicing can be a fantastic way to consume more crops and stock up on vitamins and phytonutrients, ” says Maples.

Sip on green juice with your cereal instead of OJ, or possess it for a midday snack instead of biscuits or crackers.

A better longterm meal replacement? Smoothies, which contain fiber but are likewise easy to digest because it is broken down, notes Caspero.

The Incorrect way to juice for weight reduction

A pure juice diet for any more than two to three days–or regular juicing–has dicey, according to our experts.

“I worry about a disordered eating,” says Maples. “You might want to change the way you’re considering food.”

Also keep in mind that drinking apple or orange juice daily isn’t a juice cleanse: Fruit juices tend to get loaded with sugar and empty calories that will leave you searching for your next meal much too soon.

Who shouldn’t juice

Be sure to talk with your health care provider if you’ve got a chronic medical condition like diabetes or hypoglycemia before juicing for any amount of time. “The sugar in fruit could cause your blood sugar to soar,” says Taub-Dix.

It’s also much better to avoid juicing when you have a history of restrictive eating or eating disorders, Caspero increases, as it might encourage disordered eating patterns.

Sick of Boring Ab Workouts? Try These Hollow Holds.

Hollow-body holds are a highly efficient method to train your heart. But if they start to feel”easy,” the only solution is not to tack more moments onto your holds. Rather, try these three weighted progressions from trainer Jay Maryniak.

Your focus on the hollow grip is to push your lower back into the floor. This challenges your whole heart, and it also creates a body position which may readily be rocked in all directions (which can be partially why hollow rocks are a good ab move in their own right). Maryniak’s variations benefit from this uncertainty. Weights will attempt to pull you out of position from different directions. Your heart’s job: Fight to keep in place regardless of what.

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“One of the most significant pro strategies on the hollow body is to maintain you lower back pinned to the floor,” Maryniak writes in a current Instagram post. Should you break that position during any hollow holds (and notably with loaded variations like these), you simply take the challenge from your heart and risk aggravating your lower spine.

For the first movement, the dumbbell counter hollow hold, grab a barbell in each hand, and stretch one arm behind you and in line with your neck and another directly out on your side.

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Use the identical set of dumbbells that are light, hold them directly above your chest with a neutral grip to get started. Keeping up a slight knee bend, lower them toward the ground over the course of 4 minutes. Then, pull the weights into your torso and press them back up to start, actually focusing on hard your torso eccentrically, and just using the media as a”reset.”

In the past and most-challenging move, the two-point weighted hollow hold, place one light rubber weight plate (or another counter load) on your legs, centered around your knees and grip another with both hands behind you and in accord with your neck.


For all of these moves, the number-one priority should always be on possessing that trapped low-back position. Start with light weights, and if you are unable to keep your low back pressed firmly into the floor at all times, raising your arms and/or legs slightly nearer to vertical will reduce the lever arms your muscles have to fight.