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5 Gutter Cleaning Equipment Every Homeowner Needs to Have


Clogged gutters are one of the most troubling subjects stabbing the back of countless households since the day gutters have been put to use. In order to save its household from the potential risks a clogged pipe can trigger, every homeowner needs to have adequate cleaning equipment. The importance of maintaining a roof often gets neglected and the damage caused by poorly conditioned rabbets often surpasses the expectations. The main culprits for this are the succeeding problems that occur only after the main problem is sanitized and the emergence of troublesome issues following the primal accident.


The one and only purpose of gutters is to carry out the surplus liquid caused by rainfall, heavy snow, hail, or any other weather inconvenience. They protect your home from flooding and keep your roof from overburdening caused by any potential liquid accumulation. If we had lived in an ideal world the watery residue from the rainfall would have been as clear as ice, but the reality is utterly different and the leftovers are frequently as dirty as dirt itself. The reasons for that are multiple and cover a range of different factors, apart from the filthy liquid.

What you need to worry about when cleaning your home gutters is brought to question is what are your targets and what tools you need to eliminate those same targets. Gutters become clogged gradually, so the floods and breakages often come as a surprise, although the reality is totally different. Namely, the fallen leaves tend to get stuck on their way through and make an obstacle that stops the water from flowing down the pipe. Unfortunately, leaves rot in time and, along with sand, bird leftovers, dirt and other impurities create a sticky plug that makes a gutter useless. After your gutter is clogged, the troubles arise slowly as you meet your first flood caused by improper or no maintenance at all. The casualties might affect your household’s woodwork, ceilings, house front, the overall landscape around your home, basement, and even the foundation of your structure, which if unattended in a timely matter can cause an additional catastrophe.

After we have briefly pointed out the severity of potential hazards that happen when you pay no attention to the state of your gutters, it is only fair enough to appoint to the basic tools you should use in order to prevent any serious harm to both the gutters and the rest of your home.

Vacuum Accessories


If you think your vacuum is not a good tool for cleaning outside your house, you’re wrong! Namely, this useful household appliance can be utilized for treating your gutters. What is important to mention is that you will need some additional equipment to do the job properly, but the whole process is not that complicated. Namely, what you should do is buy specially designed extensions intended to be applied to a vacuum. This particular approach to cleaning gutters proves its usefulness when the weather is warm and the leaves are dry, so the vacuuming is possible without having to fear for the wellbeing of your vacuum.

In order to carry out anything, you should get informed as much as possible for the final results to be satisfying. Likewise, after you gather as much information as you can, you should decide whether you are going to do things on your own or see more how pros do it and consult the service for gutter cleaning.

Power Washer


Not only will the strength of a power washer give you enough force to clean your gutters thoroughly, but the only thing you will additionally need is water, making this relatively easy way of cleaning an environmentally friendly option. This appliance enables you to disperse the impurities with a powerful jet of water and with the additional extensions you can get to the otherwise unreachable parts of your gutters.



After all, this is the 21st century, what have you expected? Jokes aside, robotics is a branch of science that goals to make our life simplified and easier. Therefore, we are bestowed with a robot for cleaning gutters! Unfortunately, your gutter cleaning robot cannot do everything by itself so what you should do is to ascend it to the gutter and pick it up once it is finished. This particular product is not yet perfected, so you should pay attention if the robot gets stuck in some hardcore impurities and requires your assistance.



Not only will you need a ladder, but you will probably need an extension ladder. Although a ladder is a commonly used tool and a vast majority of households use them, they are still a tool that you are going to acquire if you do not possess them already in order to reach the heights of your gutters. If your ladder is not enough, go for an extension ladder which should provide you with sufficient altitude enough so you can reach out to the roof. See here how professionals do it.



The tongs you should use for cleaning gutters could be the old barbeque tongs or specially designed tongs crafted solely for this purpose. The principle of their design is the same, but the durability most definitely is not. Therefore, you will be much safer and more professionally equipped if you opt for the second version. On the other hand, you will still need to put in some effort, since the gutter tongs do not work on their own steam, but require a skillful hand to guide them through piles of accumulated leaves, pine needles, and other impurities stuck in your gutter pipes.

After you have read through the suggested items which should prove their usefulness and help you with maintaining your gutters, you should realize that it is possible to keep your roof neat without having to make any superhuman effort but merely devoting a small portion of your free time in exchange for satisfactory results. Although you can always call a specialized service to your assistance, knowing how things work comes as a valuable asset for the future.