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How To Save To Buy Your First Property


Buying a house has many challenges associated with it. You need to have a good credit score for one thing, and a certain income for another. Even if you’ve been paying rent for years and the rent is more than your mortgage would be, you still need to prove to a lender that you can afford their mortgage offer.

Then there’s the down payment. Out of everything, the down payment is the thing that most people have a problem with. It’s hard to save up many thousands of dollars when you have other necessities to pay for and you also want to enjoy your life. However, it can be done — read on for some useful tips to help you.

Pay Off Your Debts


If you have any debts, whether it’s a car payment, credit card, or a loan, you need to focus on paying those debts off as a matter of urgency. For one thing, all that money you’re currently spending on paying back your debt could go towards saving for your down payment. For another, if you have a lot of debt, mortgage lenders are going to be concerned about whether you can also pay back any money they lend you ——they’ll fear you’re overstretching yourself (and you may well be doing just that).

Look at your debts and pick the one with the highest interest rate, as this is the most expensive. Every spare penny you have should go to paying that debt off as soon as you can. Once it has gone, move to the next expensive, and so on, until they are all dealt with. Your credit score and your bank balance will improve as a result.

Move Further Away


You’ll probably have decided on an area you want to live in, but is this an expensive area? It might be that moving a little (or a lot) further away would give you a better chance of finding an affordable place to live with the added bonus of it needing a smaller down payment.

There are a number of things you’ll need to consider if this idea is of interest to you. How will you get to work (or can you work from home)? What about family and friends? How can you choose where to live? Once you make a decision, however, you might find it much easier to buy a property and you’ll find it’s time to find bed shipping experts for shipping a bed and moving your other belongings sooner than you thought possible.

Identify Bad Spending Habits


Look carefully at everything you spend money on during the month. In fact, look back over the last three to six months to get a better idea of your spending habits. By looking closely at what you’re spending, you might find there are areas where you can cut costs. Do you need all your TV subscriptions, or do you only use one or two of them? Do you go to the gym, or could you work out at home and save on gym membership?

Also, look at the things you’re buying online, for example. It’s so easy to go to a site, click a few buttons, and get what you want, but is it what you need? If you’re serious about buying a house, you need to scale back your spending in order to save.