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5 Reasons Why Vaping is Safer than Smoking Cigarettes


Vaping has gained immense popularity over the years. The newest and most commonly used method of vaping is through the use of an electronic cigarette. As compared to the traditional cigarette, it is trendy, and that’s why most youngsters have been using it for vaping purposes. The mechanism of vaping involves heating the liquid into an aerosol. As a result, there is less or no combustion. You breathe several chemicals that include nicotine and other flavors through an e-cigarette or a vaping device.

Vaping has become an increasing trend. From fancy vaping equipment that is mostly shaped as pens to the versatile liquids and flavorings, you get to choose from a variety of brands and products. If you are looking for additional information regarding these products and flavored liquids, read more here.

There has been a big debate on where vaping is safer than smoking a cigarette or not. And there are pieces of evidence that it is. Especially when it comes to people who want to quit smoking, it has proven to be very helpful. So, if you are also asking the same question, here are a few reasons why it is safer than smoking cigarettes.


Doesn’t burn tobacco

The reason cigarettes are harmful because they contain tobacco. When you light a cigarette, you burn the tobacco, CO, tar, and other toxins are released. The consumption of these chemicals is what makes cigarettes extremely harmful.

However, an e-cigarette doesn’t burn the liquid rather only heats it. In addition, a majority of the harmful chemicals that are present in cigarettes are almost absent it vaping. In fact, if there are chemicals present, they are as less as 1%. As a result, it is far safer than smoking a cigarette.

Firstly, most of the harmful toxins in smoke are somewhat absent from vapor. Those that are present are at much lower concentrations, mostly at levels below 1% of what they are in smoke. If the toxins are much lower than in smoke, the health risks will be much lower.

Reduced rate of diseases


Because traditional cigarettes contain a high level of toxins, those who smoke are frequently exposed to those toxins. As a result, they develop diseases like blood pressure, emphysema, and heart-related problems more frequently. In fact, their health continuously deteriorates with time.

Whereas those who stop smoking and switch to vaping have shown improvement in their health condition. Because it doesn’t include harmful toxins in a very high amount, the body and organs are safer and not prone to developing severe problems later in life. Those who vape are healthy, have a good life expectancy and don’t develop cancers and heart problems as smokers do.

Lower risks of cancer


Smoking is the biggest reason for lung cancer in many people. The combustion of tobacco produces harmful effects and causes the lungs to fail over time. However, vaping is said to eliminate this risk to a greater extend. Since it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals in a huge amount as compared to cigarettes, the risks of lung cancer are also reduced to a greater extend when compared to smoking.

Furthermore, smoking is also known for causing breast cancer in women. And those who don’t smoke, instead vape, the risks are potentially decreased.

Helps to quit smoking

Most people vape to quit smoking and get back on track to maintain a healthy life. The reason they do shift to vaping is simple. As we clearly know that cigarette burns tobacco to produce smoke that the smokers inhale. This smoke is what damages the lungs, heart and causes severe diseases like asthma. On the other hand, an e-cigarette doesn’t burn nicotine but heats it. As a result, the effects are not as adverse. Furthermore, it doesn’t include other harmful chemicals as smoking s such a vast amount.

Now to get to the point, the reason e-cigarette helps in quitting smoking is that it uses the same hand-mouth motion like a traditional cigarette. That’s why those who want to quit smoking opt for vaping instead. So that their physical need or habit for inhalation is satisfied and the harmful results are not that prominent. Indeed, this has helped many smokers change their smoking habits and opt for a better and healthy lifestyle.


It is far less costly than smoking

Another reason many people have shifted from smoking to vaping or consider it a better option is because of the considerable difference in cost. For those who are heavy smokers and smoke around fifteen to twenty cigarettes per day, the cost gets around $8,000 to $9,000 per year. Whereas vaping costs around $900 per year apart from the initial investment in getting the basic equipment. This difference in cost is huge for someone who wants to improve his health and start saving money. Furthermore, now that people have a choice that satisfies their craving for smoking at such a lower rate, who wouldn’t want to utilize it?

A word of caution

Although most people think that vaping is entirely risk-free, yet this statement is debatable. Because it is a relatively newer concept, many researchers and scientists have been working on understanding its effects on the human body in the short term as well as long term. Furthermore, as it is said, excess of everything is bad. Whether it is smoking or vaping, there should be a limit to everything. However, in comparison to smoking, vaping is said to have a few health effects, and scientists are counting on it. But it doesn’t mean it is entirely safe.

Especially for youngsters, teenagers, and pregnant women, vaping doesn’t offer any health benefit. Even though the risks are significantly less, there are still risks, and such people should avoid it at all cost.