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How Does it Feel to Smoke CBD


Did you know that the way you choose to ingest CBD into your body is actually a factor that determines how much you’ll feel its effect and how long it will last? Of course, having in mind the type of product that’s consumed, nowadays a dozen different ways have been developed in which it’s possible to take it into our body, but the ones that guarantee the fastest action are certainly vaping or smoking. Not only does the effect become noticeable more quickly, but it’s also applied more strongly to the senses of the one who consumes. This can be attributed to the fact that the smoke produced by inhalation goes straight to the lungs, and from there it spreads throughout the body, causing a state which is basically the reason why this type of plant has more than wide application in the world and among people.


Those who have had the opportunity to get acquainted with the charms of CBD know what it looks like, and they’re mostly individuals whose ultimate goal is to reduce pain and improve health. Given the relief it offers, the question arises whether and how harmful it is for the human body, and many who are still hesitant wonder how its effects are manifested. This article aims to answer this question in as much detail as possible and to guide the uninitiated in the ways in which it happens.

What is CBD used for?


First of all, it’s crucial to emphasize the obvious difference between THC and CBD, so that we can immediately break one of the biggest myths – that consuming CBD has intoxicating features and is therefore unsafe.

Cannabinoids, substances in marijuana that are actually responsible for medical improvements, pain reduction and successful therapeutic processes, come in several forms, including the famous THC. This type is known for a special kind of intoxication that it produces in the human body and causes a psychoactive experience, which contributes to the feeling of ‘high’.

On the other hand, CBD works without such effects – its role is to achieve the same goal, but without that ‘high’ feeling. When it comes to health, the application of this plant  extract seems to be highly beneficial for both physical ailments and problems, as well as for those based on a psychological factor.

As for the physical aspect, it has an extremely good effect on chronic pain caused by certain diseases as it alleviates, reduces, and sometimes even completely eliminates them. Innumerable patients are saved from the effects of chemotherapy and other types of recovery that include nausea, vomiting, and muscle or joint pain thanks to consuming and smoking.

If we talk about the psychological side, it has been proven to have a calming application in people who suffer from depression and anxiety or go through stressful moments in their lives, sleep poorly or struggle with insomnia. These are just some of the reasons why patients, as well as other interested parties, decide to give this cannabinoid a chance.


Since it doesn’t bring bad things with it and doesn’t negatively affect the work of the brain and the general functioning of a person, this further implies that its use is much more convenient than the use of THC and other cannabinoids that have intoxicating features.

So, what does smoking feel like?

So, if you currently or after the stated facts still think that consuming CBD can lead you to any unwanted consequences or you’re afraid and equate it with the already programmed picture of marijuana intake in other, more toxic ways, we need to move on and explain it better.

The first thing we’ll emphasize once again is that it isn’t the same to smoke CBD and exchange classic THC joints with friends. The basic fact is that at no point will you feel helplessness or any other kind of restriction of movement or motor skills. In this case, they’re replaced by a feeling of complete relaxation, but without intoxicating effect, which means that you still have control over your movements, actions and there are no other consequences.

As we pointed out at the outset, the very choice of smoking method over other ways of intake also means faster action and better effect. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll feel what follows more intensely, although that can also happen depending on the amount and intensity of consumption.

What you’ll actually feel is calmness, but just like other types of marijuana, the subjective feeling depends on the person. Some people experience a mild lethargy, desire to sleep and rest, while according to others it might have more influence as a means of cheering up. In such cases, the person gets more energy, is able to withstand daily challenges or stressful situations much easier, and has much more enthusiasm to perform tasks. You won’t be able to find out which of these two types you belong to unless you dare to try it yourself.

To be able to give you the insight into the authentic experience of the ones who enjoy it, we’ve tried to explore a little bit and find some answers by asking people what the feeling of vaping or smoking it was like. According to some forums and questions posed on various social media platforms, the opinions of the ones who have done it mostly agrees one with another. A couple of persons have stated that it ‘feels like you’ve taken an aspirin’ – without pain, but still quite effective.

A couple of answers were related precisely to smoking CBD flower, which tends to be slightly psychoactive, stating that it adds up a little bit of high when used, but regarding the ones without THC cannabinoids, everyone had the same opinion – it does only good as long as the level of THC is low and below the upper limit. Miami Rave suggests Harlequin Strain CBD hemp flower, a high-quality smokable hemp that has less than 0.2% of THC and is perfect for relaxation and stress relief.


As you might notice, the benefits of opting for CBD use by smoking are numerous and quite desirable. Research, get to know things about it and decide if you’d like to give it a chance – there’s almost no chance that you might regret it!