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6 Most Controversial Senators in the US


Currently, there are 100 members of the United States Senate, and these people are in charge of passing bills, legislations, and amendments among many other things. They are said to be the most important people in the country, and they are the ones who ultimately help people, or they make the lives of the nation more difficult.

There are two senators from every state, and these people are chosen by votes. There have been a lot of wrongfully chosen people who ultimately are said not to have deserved the trust from the public, and some of them have made a lot of harm during their mandate. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the most controversial senators in the US and we will tell you more about their choices, words, or actions. Continue reading if you want to find out the controversy that surrounds them and how it affected their private and professional lives.

1. Bob Menendez


The first person we are going to talk about is a senator that seems to have bad luck when it comes to people recognizing him and approving his doings. Menendez is a democrat in the state of New Jersey and he had his fair share of brushes with the law. He has been accused of corruption on more than one occasion and even though he has never been found guilty of those charges, they made a permanent stain on his name.

One of the most taboo topics that he has been connected with is the legislation that he proposed that would permanently ban the silencers that are used in weapons.

2. Todd Akin


The republican Akin is not new to politics or the US Senate, and even though he lost his last battle for a place there, he is a politician that will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. During his amendment, he became infamous in his opinion on allowing women, victims of rape, to have a legal abortion. He was against that, and he thought that women should be banned to get an abortion, no matter the case, and no matter how they got pregnant.

In addition to this, he gained a lot of negative thoughts when he compared an educational program and school lunches to stage three cancer. During his career, he has said and done a lot of controversial things, and the majority of people, no matter their party do not support them.

3. Joe Walsh


Most of the US senators that became controversial gained their infamy over their thoughts on women’s rights. Walsh is another person who did not think that women should have any rights when it comes to abortion and that even the life of the woman is in danger, she should never have an abortion. He thinks that modern medicine is enough to save her life, and no matter what happens, she should not choose her life over the babies.

He has been caught on camera on more than one occasion, insulting women and saying things that are, to say the least, in a bad taste. However, it is said that sometimes, things caught on camera are blown out of proportion, and we can never know the actual story. As you can see on this website, the Scott Cooper Miami case brought a lot of attention and controversy, but is an image proof enough that something happened?

4. Martha McSally


This is a senator that not many have heard of, and some even question the truth in her words. The republican McSally is based in the state of Arizona, and when it comes to her popularity, it is perfectly divided into threes. One-third of the population supports her, one-third think that she is not the right person to be in the Senate, and the final third have never heard of her.

Her way to the Senate was difficult, and she lost to her opponent from the democrats in 2018. Later on, she gained a seat here, and she has had more than one taboo statement that many people are divided over. The most controversial thing is the rape accusations that she made, and even though it has not been proven, she has stated that she’s been a victim of abuse of power when she was part of the US air force.

5. Michele Bachmann


Bachmann is another person that not too many approve of, and she’s had a lot of controversy regarding her statements. One of the things that she’s become infamous for is her thoughts on vaccines. She’s stated that the HIV vaccine that is currently in the third and final phase of production will lead to mental health issues and that people should not trust modern medicine.

It has been really difficult for individuals to support her, especially with her anti-vax campaign and when it comes to a virus that has taken the lives of millions of people.

6. Maxine Waters


The republican representative in the district of California is the last person that we are going to talk about. Even though Waters has no issues winning her elections over and over again, she is still considered one of the most difficult people to collaborate with.

It is said that she has been rude and unpleasant to her coworkers and peers on more than one occasion and that she has no filter even when it comes to other government officials. People have complained about her being abusive to them, and that she is a really difficult person to be around.

These are some of the members of the Senate that have been accused of controversy and even though some are just that, accusations, for other members we have proof. Their statements and opinions have definitely impacted their careers, and some even faced legal charges over the things that they said and done. Unfortunately, there is no way to know what the person is like before getting elected, and sometimes we are faced with unpleasant surprises after someone gets chosen to become a part of the Senate. However, there are also cases when things are perfectly staged and taken out of context, and officials face a serious backlash even though they have done nothing wrong.