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10 Tips and Tricks for Matching Colors In Your Outfit


Almost everyone prefers black to any other color. As soon as we see color names like fuchsia or chartreuse on the shelf, most of us don’t pay attention to them at all.

Well, what is the reason that people steer clear of such bright, lively colors? Well, this is because they fear that will style them the wrong way. With the right color matching strategies up your sleeves, you have nothing to worry about!

Color combinations can make or ruin an outfit. However, that doesn’t imply, though, that you should stick to a safe side with an all-black attire. We’ll walk you through a range of color-coordinated ensembles to help you discover and develop your own style. For more information, you can check out Salt + Soda Australia.

●    Wear Colors That Go Together


A hidden shortcut to coordinating your clothing, outfits, and accessories is the color wheel. You need to match the colors of your t-shirt to the rest of your wardrobe to get a good fit.

Pick two colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel to get a complimentary color. Some people may treat you as if you’re an alien from another planet if you wear a green top and pants that are orange.

The contrast between complementary hues is what makes them function so effectively together. The combination of these two distinct colors creates a visually appealing harmony.

●    Wear Colors in a Single Tone

Mono, or “one,” refers to a single individual. The term “monochromatic” refers to an outfit that is all one color. If you’re wearing all-blue, you’re either going overboard or looking like an old fogey. However, some individuals are able to pull it off with relative ease.

●    Pair Up Similar Hues


Colors that are adjacent to one other on the color wheel are said to be analogous. These colors complement each other and will look well together. Blue jeans and a teal shirt are regarded to be similar. Contrast is important, but don’t go overboard. It’s preferable to use one primary color and two secondary ones.

The three basic colors are red, blue, and yellow. All other colors are made by mixing these three hues together. Primary colors are great for making a monochromatic look, or putting together an outfit with just one color. This idea is simple, and when it’s done right, it gives a cutting-edge and fashionable look. When only one color is used, the body looks longer and more uniform. You can mix the following colors together to create an amazing look.

●    Pair Black, Navy, White

Use black, navy, or white as your main colors, with a splash of any other color only where it makes sense. When it comes to fashion, it’s all about being unique and being able to spice things up.

●    Pair Yellow And Green


Nothing can match the smell of freshly cut grass on a hot summer day, and this color scheme does a great job of capturing that essence. Green and yellow colors look wonderful on individuals of all complexion tones. People with warm skin should choose colors like dark green, mustard, or brown. To add a splash of color to your clothes, you can use bright yellows and greens.

Pair stylish yellow jackets with gray skirts or jeans. It will look truly amazing. Add a white shirt and green accessories to your work clothes to make them more interesting. Color blocking is a great way to turn your winter clothes into summer clothes. If you add a few solid colors to your clothes, it could change how you look. Well, don’t be afraid to try new things!

●    Pair Pink and Blue

Start a new season with soft pastels. When paired in the right way, a mix of muted pinks and blues can be very eye-catching, just like a bright splash of color. The scent of jasmine and the scent of a spring breeze will fill your body with this color combination.

One of the most amazing color schemes is red and blue. You can easily pair a red jacket and high heels, with a pair of jeans. Not only does it look good but also adds an element of elegance to a more casual look.

●    Pair Orange and Blue


You can mix and match colors like orange and blue. Alternatively, you could wear blue jeans with an orange shirt that looks great together. Burnt orange and navy blue make a great contrast when mixed together. There are many ways to wear these colors. Don’t forget about the shoes! You’ll look like a beautiful dawn if you wear a pair of nude shoes.

●    Pair Tan and Maroon

A deep, rich color like maroon is a great match for tans and other light neutrals that can be hard to style. It looks good on women of all skin tones when they wear a corduroy skirt with a satin camisole.

●    Pair Orange and Black

Orange is officially the new black. This stunning color combination can be used in many different ways, such as with individual items or in a garment that elegantly mixes this color combination. Orange is a great color to add some color to black clothes.

You can show off your toned abs when you wear orange high-waisted flare pants with a black crop top. A large sweater that is loosely tucked in might be a good choice for those of us who want to hide their flabby packs. No matter what you pair it with, this color scheme can never go wrong!

●    Pair Pink and Gray


If you have the right accessories and clothes, you can wear pink and gray all year long. You can use this color scheme in any way that makes sense to you. An outfit with a pale pink blouse and dark gray pants might work.

Final Word

We hope that the above mentioned color schemes help you make an informed choice. Follow this article to mix and match your clothes to create amazing looks.