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How To Start A Car Blog On Instagram That Makes Money


You’ve probably heard stories of Instagrammers & blog-owners about being capable of earning big money through their social media, haven’t you? Just like bloggers, YouTubers, and anyone who has an impressive amount of followers on their socials can reach their audience, and they can help spread the word or sell the product. If you are an interactive person with a bright charisma, you can make any shop a reality! Keep on reading as we explain some ways on how to profit from starting a blog!

Top 6 Tips On How To Make Money


1. Find your niche

Before you start to write, record or talk about something specific, make sure that it is within your niche. A niche is something that is appealing to a certain group, and that can go well with your personality. Don’t bother writing about something that doesn’t interest you. You should be transparent, honest, as well as confident about your chosen topic. Your followers & your audience will always want you to be authentic, so don’t fail them.

2. Know where you fit

If you’re a mechanic, a blog about car parts may be interesting for you to write & indulge in. On the other hand, some people love & want to do reviews or comparisons of different brands & models. Other people love to shoot Instagram stories & do vlogs. Well, anything from painting cars in your creative work to driving them can work as a niche topic for your blog. Make sure that your chosen category & your content suit you & that they match your personality. No one wants to see something unnatural or fake.


3. Unique & catchy name

People will easily remember you if you are someone with a catchy name, or preferably something that rhymes & looks good on paper. We suggest a name that’s short, sweet, and is relevant to your audience. Make sure that no one else has that IG handle, and also make sure that you go for the same-named blog & handle. People will easily remember you if you stick to one alias & one name only.

4. Think about running ads

Sometimes, you may need more than just your talent & beginners’ luck to make it a successful journey. Running a successful social media account means targeting the right type of audience, while also paying ads & running everything smoothly. Oftentimes, the whole process could be seen as an investment, so make sure that you are financially stable & willing to invest a bit before you begin profiting.

5. Know how to grow your traffic

Traffic & getting someone’s attention can be tricky. This is why it is crucial to be cheerful, bright, different & engaging. Here is how to do that:

  1. A) Go to similar blogs & interact with them – be friendly & let other car-related blogs spot you & notice you. They will simply return the favor & they might get you a few more followers.
  2. B) Consider guest posting – by sticking to guest posts you will get the right level of exposure in the shortest time possible.
  3. C) The power of social media – make sure that you share your Instagram handle & content on all of your platforms, such as Viber, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, etc. You can ask your friend & co-workers to reshare it and get it out in the world.

Consider sponsorships

As time goes & as your account continues to grow, you will be approached by some big & small companies for collaboration & sponsorships. For instance, car part manufacturers may pay you to sponsor their products. You can also look for blogs that need guest posts, show them your blog, and see if you can work up a deal. These sponsorships are paid quite well, but only when you have a large & impressive following, as well as someone who you can sell the product.

PS: Although you might not hit the jackpot at first & as you begin your journey, you should know that having a large influence can mean some perks for yourself. You may be invited to car events with all expenses paid for + you could get some cars/car parts at promotional & special prices. Make sure that you have realistic expectations & that you are prepared for some ups & down.

FAQ about IG posts & profits

1. Can you make money through Instagram posts?

Source:Can you make money through Instagram posts

Yes. You can get paid on Instagram if you are dedicated to your followers & your niche. The best & easiest ways to get paid are:

Through sponsored posts

By becoming an affiliate and making a commission selling other brands’ products

When selling a product directly

You can create an Instagram shop

2. How many Instagram followers do you need in order to make money?

The more the merrier rule does apply in this case. You should also know that name recognition, audience demographic, and skill set comes into play for most accounts. The standard payment is around $10 per 1,000 followers.

3. How much money can you make if you have 10k followers on your social media?

Accounts with 10,000 followers or less, can make around $88 per post on Instagram. However, this all depends from one country to the other, and it can also vary based on your content & engagement with your audience.

Ready to make money through your posts?


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