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How to Know When to Hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer?

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Every day, millions of people work hard to provide for their families. With that in mind, it’s not uncommon for some of them to get injured in their workplace. When that happens, many problems can potentially arise. Thankfully, there is an option workers have these days. We are talking about a concept known as worker’s compensation.

In the United States, workplace injury costs amount to more than $150 billion every year. But this is not the only factor. There are a couple of more categories where costs are more than $50 billion. So, you can see that there are more than $200 billion that are used to help people who have suffered some sort of injury in their workplace. As you will agree, every workplace comes with a set of potential dangers.

However, getting this sort of compensation is not as easy as many believe. We can draw an analogy between this occurrence and getting some money from the insurance companies. So, making this process successful is hard to achieve without having help from a worker’s compensation lawyer scura.com advocates.

Now, let’s take a look at the right moments to appoint a compensation lawyer.


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Having someone you can consult with even before you are in the situation to ask for compensation is an absolute must. It needs to be said that each of these is unique because of the circumstances that surround it. Still, it’s not uncommon for many people to have a problem with negotiations with their employees for a variety of reasons. In most cases, you cannot resolve this issue without a lawyer.

For instance, the company will invest its best efforts in minimizing the value of the payment or completely ignore it. So, you, as an employee, need to reach an agreement with the company. The lawyer plays a crucial role in this process since they will make a stronger case for their client, by pointing out the most important aspects and presenting them to the company or court.

Employer Dragging out the Process

When someone gets injured in a workplace, it is an absolute must to talk with the employer. That way, the reporting process will start immediately. During that process, the organization will provide you with all the relevant paperwork. After that, the case will be reported and a claim will be filed. Still, it is not impossible to witness a situation when the employer will start dragging out the process for whatever reason.

As you can presume, there is a limitation on how much this process should last. In most cases, these processes last for up to a month after the incident has been reported. Most likely, you will not have any knowledge about laws. So, being on your own can lead you to a lot of problems. So, keep in mind you should hire a professional immediately after you experience an injury, and prevent any sort of dragging on the employer’s behalf.

The Hearing

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It needs to be said that hearings are not mandatory. However, there are some situations when avoiding this process is simply unavoidable. It happens in cases when the corporation doesn’t think that an applicant should get a certain level of payment. Hearings offer the solution for individuals to make their cases much stronger. Getting the most out of the entitlement should be your priority.

The hearing is similar to any negotiation you will experience during everyday life. But, the level will be much higher. So, having someone with high negotiation skills will assist you with getting the most out of it. If you have enough experience in this field, you will not need any consultation. Yet, we believe you should have someone alongside yourself, just in case. Even the smallest of mistakes can ruin your chances.

Low Settlement

A vast majority of settlements are there to provide permanent incapacity welfare. These are based on an evaluation system, which is judged by the specialist who has the responsibility of performing the examination. In some situations, the cover agency will not be satisfied with the outcome of this checkup, so they can make an employee get an IME, which has the task of lowering the initial privilege.

The coverage corporation will choose the professional who will conduct this process. It can happen that this professional will not decide on the rating you got from the previous doctor. Meaning, you will not get an opportunity for getting the appropriate compensation. So, an experienced lawyer will represent a crucial factor in convincing the court that this decision is not the right one, and requires changes.

Claim is Denied

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Finally, we would like to talk about the situation when the claim you’ve made is denied. Little is known about how these will be denied the first time. For that reason, many people will not be persistent enough and their claim will ultimately fail. If you are persistent enough to overcome all the challenges, you have a much higher chance of being successful. Not only that, these appeals need to build a stronger case later.

People who do not have experience in this field will not know where to look for smaller details that can make a significant impact. An experienced attorney will certainly know where to look. Without any doubt, appealing is a combination of efforts from the attorney and the client. Together, all of them will find out all about these details and how to increase the chances of the claim becoming successful.

In Conclusion

Knowing the right situation to employ a counselor who will assist you get compensation is more complex than most people believe it is. So, having some sort of assistance during these processes should be an absolute must. In this article of ours, we’ve presented you with a couple of tips on when to do that. Sure, there are more of them, but we believe these are the commonest ones. Acting at the right moment can make all the difference.