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How Much Does a Band Cost for a NYC Wedding?


When planning a wedding in New York City, one of the first things to consider is the cost of a band. There are a lot of different options available, so it’s important to do your research and find the right fit for your ceremony.

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a band:


– Style: You don’t need a traditional rock or country band for a NYC wedding; there are many options available that will fit your style and personality. If you’re looking for something more unique, think about requesting quotes from local improv troupes or funk bands.

– Price: The price of a band can range from free to hundreds of dollars per hour. It’s important to get an estimate before making any decisions, so you know exactly what you’re spending.

– Availability: You don’t want to book a band only to have them cancel at the last minute. It’s important to find a band that is available for your specific date and time.

– Length of the ceremony: A shorter ceremony may require a shorter performance, while a longer ceremony might require a longer performance. Make sure you discuss this with the band ahead of time.

– Music preferences: It’s important to communicate your musical preferences to the band before booking. Many bands will have some music pre-selected, but others will be more flexible and allow you to choose your own music.

When choosing the best NYC bands for your next event, it’s important to consider your entire ceremony experience. There are a lot of different options available, so don’t be afraid to ask around or search online for reviews. With the right band, you can create a truly unique and memorable ceremony experience.

Which Types of Music Do Bands Play?


A wedding band can provide a lot of entertainment for your guests. There are many different types of bands out there, so you can find one that will fit your theme and vibe. A wedding band typically plays popular music, but it’s up to the bandleader to decide what they’ll play. Here are some tips on choosing the right wedding band:

  1. Consider your style. Do you want a traditional wedding band or do you want something more modern?
  2. Ask around. Talk to friends and family who have weddings coming up and ask if they’ve used a particular band before. You can also look online to see reviews and ratings.
  3. Listen to them play live. If you’re able to get a band audition, make sure to listen to their performance beforehand so you can get an idea of their style and preferences.
  4. Consider their availability and budget. It’s important to find a band that’s available for your date and budget. Some bands are more expensive than others, but it’s worth it to find one with high ratings and good reviews.

Price of a Band for a NYC Wedding


A band for a wedding in the city can range from $1,000 to $10,000+. It all depends on how big the band is, what type of music they play, and how many hours they are booked for. Most bands will also require a deposit to secure the date and time.

It’s important to do your research before booking a band, so you don’t end up spending more money than you need to. There are a lot of great options out there, so it’s worth taking the time to find the perfect fit for your wedding.


When planning your wedding, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is what type of music to have. A band can provide a unique and memorable experience for your guests, and depending on the size of your wedding and the location, hiring one might not be too expensive. However, if you’re just starting out or don’t have a lot of experience arranging bands for weddings, it’s always worth consulting with friends or family members who have done it before. After all, they know best!